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I Want to Install A Pool or Spa

I want to install a Swimming Pool deeper than 24” For a Residential Use

What I need to do for Schwenksville Borough          POOL PERMIT APPLICATION

  1. Schwenksville Borough adopted the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) of Pennsylvania as stated in Chapter 71 of the Schwenksville Borough Codified Code.  The Uniform Construction Code utilizes the 2015 International Swimming Pool & Spa Code
    1.  A Pool Permit for Schwenksville Borough is Required.  The Pool Permit Application consists of the following reviews:
      1. Zoning Review for Placement of the Pool and, if applicable, Fencing
      2. Uniform Construction Code Review For Barriers & Electric
    2. Fees Charged for A Pool Permit are as follows:
      1. Above Ground Pools in Permanent Location  - $150
      2. Other Above Ground Pools greater than 24" in depth * $100
      3. In Ground Pools $300
      4. Hot Tubs/Spas $100
      5. Electric Permit for Pool Pumps and Filters Only $50.00
      6. Electrical Permit for any other Electrical Work  requires a Separate Electrical Permit and is charged by the Fee Schedule
      7. Fence Permit $75 (Residential)
    3. All UCC Permits are charged $4.50 for the PA Dept. of Labor and $10.00 Administrative Fee for Schwenksville Borough.

*The Pool & Zoning Permits are valid for three years  for subject pools that are taken down and put back up each year in same spot.  Applicants must re-apply for year 4. 

5. Non-refundable Payments to Schwenksville Borough may be made the following ways:

     1. Personal Check Made out to Schwenksville Borough and mailed or dropped through the mail slot at 300 Main Street, Schwenksville, PA 19473 [Borough Hall]
     2. MuniciPay  via Credit Card – 2.65% or $3.00 minimum charge whichever is greater.
     3. MuniciPay via E-Check – flat $1.50 charge.
     4. Cash by appointment only.