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New Borough Hall Opening Delayed

New Borough Hall Public Opening has been delayed.  Originally planned for Monday, November 9th, the borough was unable to secure the necessary clearances for public use of the building.  We hope to resolve this matter expeditiously.   

If patrons need staff assistance, or need to drop off paperwork, sign paperwork or pick up paperwork, please call 610-287-7442 during normal business hours or use the call box located on the rear of the building on the southern end, adjacent to double and single doors.     You may also email us at info@schwenksville-pa.org.

In other news,  Borough Council has decided to continue to meet via Zoom until Pandemic Conditions improve.    This will be re-evaluated in January.    Likewise, the borough facilities will not be available for Borough Boards, Commissions or private organizations to use/meet at until Pandemic related safety concerns are eased.