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I want to Rent My Existing Dwelling Unit

Borough Log in ColorI want to Rent My Existing Home

 What I need to do for Schwenksville Borough          

  1. In Schwenksville Borough before you rent a residential dwelling unit you will need to comply with  Chapter 124 Rental Registration of the Schwenksville Borough Codified Code.   
  2. No single family property can be split into multiple dwelling units without Zoning Approval.  An Application to the Zoning Hearing Board for permission to convert a property from a Single Family use to a multi-family use, or to expand the number of units must be made in accordance with §176-2004 Conversions of the Schwenksville Borough Codified Code.   If approved by the ZHB a Zoning Permit application  for a Change in Use from Single Family to Multi-family must be submitted to the Borough for review and approval.
  3. All existing rental units must be registered with Borough annually by submitting a Tenant Registration Form  and required fee per rental unit by March 31st.
  4. Non-refundable Payments to Schwenksville Borough may be made the following ways:
a) Personal/Business Check Made out to Schwenksville Borough and mailed or dropped through the mail slot at 300 Main Street, Schwenksville, PA 19473 [Borough Hall]
b) MuniciPay  via Credit Card – 2.65% or $3.00 minimum charge whichever is greater.
c) MuniciPay via E-Check – flat $1.50 charge.
d) Cash by appointment only.

5.  For previously approved rental units or single family homes, condos or dwelling units new to the rental market, property owner must apply for and receive a Rental Unit Use & Occupancy Permit prior to a tenant taking occupancy.  

6.  Application along with payment must be submitted to the Borough before the inspection can be scheduled. Payment methods are listed above.   Applicants will receive an email advising them how to schedule the inspection after the application has been processed.

7.  A Change in Tenancy Form is completed at the time of the Rental Use & Occupancy application.   This reporting form is required for the Earned Income Tax Collector for Montgomery County TCC and there is no fee associated with   it.

8. If the property does not pass inspection by Barry Isett and requires additional inspections, an Application for Additional Inspection will be necessary at an additional charge.

 9. If the property passes the inspection by Barry Isett the Borough will issue a Rental Use & Occupancy Permit.   These permits are valid until the tenant moves out.  A new Occupancy Permit must be applied for when there is a change in tenancy.