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  1.  A Zoning Permit is required for any change in use, change in tenant or change in occupancy. The purpose of the Zoning Permit is to make sure that the proposed use as well other zoning requirements such as parking for the particular use, required buffering or other Chapter 176 Zoning requirements are satisfied.   This permit is required for In Home Occupations as well as commercial spaces located in the Commercial Zoning District or Village Commercial Zoning Districts (Main Street).
  2. A Commercial Change in Tenant or Use Permit is required prior to use and occupancy by the applicant.   This application should be completed and submitted to the Borough electronically along with payment.    After it is received and payment acknowledged you will receive an email notifying you to schedule an appointment with our Third Party Building Inspection Company to inspect the premises.   A non exhaustive list of what is inspected is included in our property maintenance ordinance Chapter 121 SECTION 802. Non-residential, Commercial, Office, Manufacturing, Light Industrial and Mixed-Use Buildings Re-sales.
  3. All Signs must conform to the Zoning Regulations for Signs in the Borough.  The Borough strongly recommends that applicants apply for and receive their permits before ordering signs. 
    1. Village Commercial Districts.
      1.  Commercial District
  4.  Non-refundable Payments to Schwenksville Borough may be made the following ways:
    1. Persona/Business Check Made out to Schwenksville Borough and mailed or dropped through the mail slot at 300 Main Street, Schwenksville, PA 19473 [Borough Hall]
    2. MuniciPay  via Credit Card – 2.65% or $3.00 minimum charge whichever is greater.
    3. MuniciPay via E-Check – flat $1.50 charge.
    4. Cash by appointment only.