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Real Estate Tax Rates

Real Estate Tax Rates are set by the Borough, Montgomery County and Perkiomen Valley School District annually.     Rates for 2023 are as follows:

Schwenksville Borough - Fiscal year January 1st through December 31st
General Fund Operations                          6.94 mil
Fire Tax                                                           .360 mil
Library Tax                                                     .100 mil
Total Tax Rate                                               7.4 mil

Montgomery County- Fiscal year July 1st through June 30th
Montgomery County                                   4.237 mil
MC Community College                             0.39 mil
Total Tax Rate                                               4.627 mil

Perkiomen Valley School District - Fiscal year July 1st through June 30th - 2021-2022
Total Tax Rate                                             35.45 mil 

Total Real Estate Tax Liability for a property in Schwenksville Borough equals 7.4+4.627+35.45 or 47.477 mil. 

To calculate your Tax Bill to Schwenksville Borough multiply your assessed property value as determined by Montgomery County Board of Assessment by the total Borough Tax Rate of 7.4 mil and divide  by 1,000.  For example: 2017 median home value of $217,294x 7.4 mil/1,000= $1,607.97 paid to the Borough.   To calculate your total tax liability multiply your assessed value by the total tax rate of 46.26 and divide by 1,000.  

Prior Year Tax Rates for Schwenksville Borough
2023- 7.4 mil
2022- 7.4 mil
2021- 7.4 mil
2020- 6.4 mil

2019- 6.4 mil
2018- 6.4 mil
2017- 6.4 mil
2016- 5.4 mil
2015- 4.90 mil
2014- 4.40 mil
2013- 4.40 mil
2012- 4.40 mil