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In general, Pennsylvania local governments are small operations. More than 77 percent of the state’s 2,562 municipalities serve populations of less than 5,000. In such governments, municipal officials are usually non government professionals; that is, his or her profession or occupation is usually not primarily government service.  He or she may be a merchant, farmer, doctor, steel worker, engineer, teacher or industrial supervisor.  In short, most municipal officials are ordinary citizens serving their community. 

In addition to the elected positions of Councilman, Mayor, Tax Collector and Auditor, there are many Authorities, Boards, Commissions and Committees (ABC’s) on which residents can get involved and volunteer to serve.  To apply for an appointed volunteer position please complete the Volunteer application form and return it to: Borough Council, 300 Main Street, Schwenksville, PA 19473

Here in Schwenksville Borough the Following ABC’s are active:


Board of Auditors- Elected Auditors prepare the Borough’s Financial Statements and Audit Borough Accounts

  • Susan Rash – 4 Year Term through 12/23
  • Vacant – 6 Year Term through 12/25- Open
  • Paula Steiger – Term Ends 12/31/21


Schwenksville Borough Authority – Responsible for Governing the Water & Sewer Service for Schwenksville Borough

  • John Markley (Chair)
  • Joseph Giunta
  • Thomas Slater, Sr.
  • Brian Pippert
  • Darren Rash


Park and Recreation Board: Helps maintain Meadow Park, plans for improvements to the park and makes recommendations regarding Parks and Recreation. 

  • Peter Grauer
  • Sarah Knickerbocker
  • Gail Phillips
  • Darren Rash
  • Vacant

Activity Committee – Subcommittee of Park and Recreation Board plans Community Day, Concerts in the Park and other activities for the Main Street Plaza and Meadow Park

  • Gail Philips- Co-Chair
  • Tom Laconis - Co-Chair
  • Lee Ann Miller
  • Patty Clark
  • Paul Ensminger

Vacancy  Board – Vacant — Is the tie breaking vote when Council Cannot Agree on Appointments in the prescribed time.

Zoning Hearing Board:  Hears Applications for Zoning Variances and Appeals of the Zoning Officer’s Decisions

  • Glenn Umberger – Chairman
  • Harry Philips -Vice- Chairman
  • Adam Slater
  • Alternate Member – Vacancy


Planning Commission- Reviews Zoning,  ZHB applications, Subdivision and Land Development Application

  • Jim Caprio
  • H. Gilbert Williams (Chair)
  • Brian Pippert 
  • Gary J. Schneider (Vice-Chair)
  • Darren Rash

UCC Appeals Board – One Year Annual Appointment – Hears appeals of the Building Code

  • Jim Caprio


Historical  Committee : Performs Historical Research, Writes historical Narratives, curates artifacts donated to the Borough

  • Lee Ann Miller
  • Darren Clossin
  • Sharon Morgan
  • Roy Miller

Revitalization Task Force : Helps prepare the Revitalization Plan and Main Street Design Guidelines and Updates, helps plan for streetscaping, place making and economic development

  • Lee Ann Miller (Co-Chair)
  • Gary Schneider
  • Chantel Brannan
  • Heidi Carrow
  • Jon Carrow
  • Joe Giunta, Mayor
  • Anne Klepfer – Staff Liaison

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