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Reporting a Concern
Schwenksville Borough relies on citizens to alert the Borough to concerns, problems, services needed and complaints.  The Borough requires that this form be completed for all reports where action or investigation is being suggested or requested.  The report is used for transparency, follow-up as needed and documenting communications and responses to reports or requests for services.   Please note that emails and complaints are public records and subject to the Open Records Act. 

Please indicate the Type of Report:     Today's Date: 

Section 1  Information for Individual Completing this Report

Name:    Address:   Telephone:    Email: 

Date the problem started:      Do you want an email responding to this complaint?  Yes  No

Section 2 Information about the issue being reported

Address or location of the concern: 
If applicable, pole number of utility pole: 

If known and applicable, name of the property owner: 
Please describe the issue being reported. Please provide as  much detail as possible about the issue, problem, repair needed, complaint, service requested etc.  Include, locations, times, frequency and attach photographs or other illustrations.
Attach photos or illustrative evidence here: