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State Police

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Pennsylvania State Police

Police coverage in Schwenksville Borough is provided by the Pennsylvania State Police.   The PSP respond to emergencies, conduct criminal investigations and enforce the Pennsylvania Traffic Code. 

Contact Information:

Emergency – 911

Skippack Barracks
2047C Bridge Road
Schwenksville, PA 19473
(610) 584-1250

Captain Timothy J. McDonald
Station Commander
Troop K, Skippack
Trooper Loretta J. MIREECommunity Service Officer, MAP Unit Peer Contact Pennsylvania State Police | Troop K– Skippack

2047C Bridge Rd| Schwenksville PA 19473
Phone: 610-584-2832| Fax: 610.584.2730
Email: lomiree@pa.gov |  www.pspcares.pa.gov

Troop K  Headquarters
2201 Belmont Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Pennsylvania State Police Department Headquarters
100 Elmerton Ave.
Harrisburg, PA 17110
(717) 783-5599

Regional Police Exploration
A Steering Committee to Explore the creation of a Regional Police Force that would serve Schwenksville Borough has been meeting since 2017.    A Feasibility Study was published and made public in December of 2018.  Schwenksville Borough continues to accept public comments on this initiative.    The Steering Committee is also considering proposals for the purchasing of local police services for a quantity of man  hours per week.  No formal proposal has been received by Council at this time; however this option was discussed at a public meeting on May 30, 2019 and Borough Council will discuss this option further at future Borough Council Dates.   Residents are encourage to submit their public comments and suggest what time frames they feel police services would be most needed – for example 1PM to 1 AM.   2018 Regional Police Study