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Mayor's Public Safety Tips

The Borough depends on citizens to report suspicious activity or safety concerns in a timely manner in order to prevent additional harm from occurring.  Please remember the following:

1.  Always report a problem when it is first noticed.   If the concern, suspicious activity or problem is criminal in nature or requires a timely response, please call 911 and report it to the Pennsylvania State Police when you become aware of the issue.   The State Police Patrol Schwenksville as well as neighboring municipalities and have a better chance of investigating the matter if it is reported immediately.   For example, it has come to the Borough's attention that misconduct is occurring along the Perkiomen Trail within Borough limits.   If reported immediately to the Police they can respond or report it to the Montgomery County Park Rangers in a timely manner.  Please do not attempt to apprehend the violator and risk personal harm. 

 If the problem is not actively occurring, please report the matter and any misconduct or evidence of misconduct that you wittiness to by calling Borough Hall, or emailing the Borough Manager or the Mayor.  If possible, take a picture with your mobile phone or camera and email them to the Borough to follow up

2. Pennsylvania has legalized some Fireworks with restrictions.  However, it is still illegal to set off all fireworks within Borough Limits.   In the interest of public safety, please refrain from the use of fireworks during the upcoming 4th of July holiday, or any other occasion, within the Borough limits.  Unauthorized use of fireworks is strictly prohibited as it can cause serious personal and property damage.  Anyone who witnesses the authorized use of fireworks and wishes to submit a Code Enforcement Complaint may do so.  If the complaint is urgent please call the State Police at 911 or contact the Fire Marshal. 

3.  Please always remember to lock your car doors and not leave any valuables visible that may encourage a theft from vehicle.